Jerri Zhang
jerri zhang | interactive designer

SpaceX Redesign

A website redesign for SpaceX.

SpaceX Site Redesign

SpaceX inspires people because it pushes the horizon of technology and human travel. To play with the idea of changing one's horizon and space travel, the site features a choice for people in the beginning to choose their night sky.




The user can hover over interest points and discover more information about the stars (and planets) of the night sky.



As the user scrolls, the page transitions accordingly. The status circles on the side highlight to indicate which part of the page the user is on.

Web 1920 – 10b.png


The Earth sky if you chose Earth instead of Mars.



The page features various hovers for interesting facts about the rockets. Users can move between the three rockets with a sub navigation on the lower right.



The menu features an abstract version of a solar system.



Further into a page on Mars, the site features a quiz that allows the user to learn a little about both Mars and themselves.



Users are given an infographic that describes what their lives revolve around and determines if they are a fit space traveler.