Jerri Zhang
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Antigone Book Covers

Antigone Book Covers

Three different book covers explore three different concepts for Sophocles' Antigone. The story centers around Antigone's choice to bury her brother's body when her uncle, King Creon, had decreed that there be no burial as a punishment for her brother's treason.


Conflict of Justice:

Creon and Antigone have different ideas of what is just and lawful, hence the tension between the two figures.


Tragedy in Defiance:

Antigone's choice to do what is right in facing off the law of men leads to her end. The type reflects the situation closing in on the main character.


Human Law vs. Law of Nature/Gods

Human law is represented by the man-made sculpture being overtaken by foliage (nature). The bright pixilated green suggests a disruption in mortal order.