Jerri Zhang
jerri zhang | interactive designer

Could Be Worse

Could Be Worse

Could Be Worse is an app where users submit their unfortunate incidents and read about other people's unfortunate incidents that are worse than their's. Users swipe through cards and calibrate the algorithm by selecting "Oh Snaps" if the story is worse, or "Nah" if they feel indifferent. People can also open their stories up for others to create an alternative version of their story built off of mad libs to make it worse.

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Swiping Through

The background and color changes with each card as the user swipes through. Each card has a pattern and color that the original writer selected. The pattern moves downward to reflect the idea of things getting awry.



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Each card features a different color scheme and pattern that the author had customized their story with. Users can browse by category or do a search.


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Interspersed betweeb other people's stories are also news and events that have been edited into card form.

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Make it Worse

When users tap "Make it Worse" they are led to an alternative version of the story where other people add details into it to make it worse. The "Make it Worse" button only appears when the original writer of the story opts into allowing other people to do this.


The Add to Story portion is similar to Google docs, except users can't take out details; they can only add. The additions are updated in real-time.

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Prompt and Menu

If the user has flipped through the app without adding any stories of their own when they first start it, they will be given a prompt card to encourage them to participate.


The Menu opens up to provide the user access to their own stories and stories that they have "Snapped."

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Writing a Story

When the user wants to submit their own story, they get to pick a category in addition to the color scheme and pattern.



Selecting Pattern

Users get to preview patterns in its animated form.

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Tagging and Review

Tagging is an option that users have in addition to opening up their story to allow others to edit.