Jerri Zhang
jerri zhang | interactive designer



Birdiary is an app for beginner bird watchers (aka: birders). In the past, birders would memorize various birds from a hefty physical guide, then go out seeking to identify them in the environment. Birdiary seeks to make this workflow easier.


Birdiary begins by showing the user possible birds in the area where they are at. This allows users to browse birds, read about them, and memorize them, similar to how birders have traditionally used a physical bird watching guide. Recent sightings of birds are indicated by the numbers near the pin. Birders can identify birds by queries or matching a photo they took.


Identify Bird

If the user selects by queries, they are led through a series of questions that allow them to identify the bird. The app uses commonly known bird shapes and sizes as reference points for identification.


Bird Profile

Selecting a bird for more information will lead the user to the bird's profile. The profile contains various information on the bird in addition to comments from other birders in regards to the specific bird.


Add Bird

Birders then get to choose between whether or not they add the bird. All bird profiles have the option to add to their "To Watch" list as a way to bookmark their bird, or if they were in the process of identifying a bird and this was indeed the bird they say, they can add "Sighting," which submits the bird to their Life List.



Once added, birders get a confirmation and the total number of birds that have they have officially identified.



A Life List for a birder is a list that records all the birds  they've successfully seen and identified in their lifetime. With the app, birders can keep tract of the birds they've seen in addition to a "To Watch" list for any birds that they would like to identify in the future.