Jerri Zhang
jerri zhang | interactive designer
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Advoca Healthcare App


Advoca is an app that acts as a guide to the healthcare system, much like a social service worker. The teal color is reminiscent of the teal commonly associated with nurses' scrubs to give users a reassuring and authoritative feel. It gathers information on benefits and resources on both federal and state level based on the users' issues. Advoca then leads the users through tutorials on how they would apply for those resources.

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Advoca starts by asking a series of questions during in the beginning when users first download the app.

Select questions are followed by a reassuring response that appears long enough for the user to read before they are led to the next question.

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Home Screen

After the on-boarding process, the home screen features the benefits and resources curated for that person. 

The home screen also features a tip of the day pertaining to whatever health issues the subject is going through. In this case, the user (Edith) had indicated during the on-boarding process that this information is for Ben.


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Cards and Events

At the very bottom of the cards is a brief list of upcoming events. This is a secondary feature that comes with the app and serves as a way to help users remember any appointments they might have.

Cards that have been opened have the lighter teal color where the buttons change from "Tell Me More" to "Continue."

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Collapsed Cards 

When cards are followed through, they can be collapsed. Users are prompted to confirm this beforehand.

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Selecting "Tell Me More" leads them to the How-To's for that particular benefit or resource. There's a brief summary on what it is and then the tutorial on how the user would go about obtaining what they need.

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The menu allows the user to switch between multiple profiles of the people that need various benefits and resources. Selecting the add person icon will bring the user back to the on-boarding process to collect a whole different set of benefits and resources based on the new person's issues.

If there are other matters that the user would like a tutorial on, they can search through the main How-To archive located through the menu.

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Invite & Share Help

Users can add helpers (family members) to contact and loop them in on how they can help.

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Schedule and Checklists

Under Schedule and Checklists, users can assign their helpers to various tasks that they create.